When Rap Is Means of Survival For 5 Years Or More, It's Safe To Say Your Business Mind Set Should Be At A Level Of Maturity. Meet HooNoz. Self-Funded, Self-Dependent, And Knows His Self-Worth.

Recently I attended the massive 3 day rap festival Day N Night in Orange County California. Headlined by many household names in today's hip hop industry, the fans turned out by the thousands. Good times, good energy and good performances entertained the crowds. And the love of hiphop was spread thoughout the crowd. Those who know hiphop conversations with strangers, knows you might learn about some new artist or music making a name for them self.

The well planned festivities of Day N Night were no different. As I indulged in friendly banter and THC rotations, I spoke with many about today's state of rap, the industry and the underground. I had enough people referencing a rapper named Who Knows, that once the party was over and I began my long bus ride back home, I started looking for him. And I found absolutely nothing. I said "oh well, he must not know how to market himself very well." But I found myself wondering, how could such a nice amount of different people know him and there not be anything...anywhere..online?? How the hell would they have heard him? maybe performances, I don;t know, but I am going to get some rest. ZZZZzzzzzzzz

Well two days later and it was still driving me crazy. I began to google search different ways he might have spelled it, and eventually, something caught my eye, "HooNoz." I looked into it and found some music. I went back and google searched "HooNoz" and Holy Sh**!! There was so much material and music I was taken aback. Via his facebook page (www.facebook.com/HooNozmusic) I finally found the latest LP from HooNoz, "Level Of Maturity."

Overall he is a dope ass emcee. I liked his music wasn't all about foreign cars, popping xanax, and the mixture of the N-word and assault rifles every other line. His music had more of a every day average joe feel. And that's music I can relate to. Still wrapped up in a "street life" shell, HooNoz gives an expression in rap music that makes one say, "this is hip hop again. I like it."

Now, I am not going to say it's the hottest project I've heard in 2017. Maybe...MAYBE in the top 10. Quality wise I was very impressed. There were a few songs I personally think a little more time could've been dedicated to the mix, but they were still very professional. Just speaking my initial opinion. But overall this is a five star project.

But where I didn't connect in the project, it was made up for ten times fold elsewhere. I mean there were thousands of pages of data on HooNoz. Once I hit youtube, there were so many music videos it took almost an hour to figure out what came from this album and what didn't. (Eventually I found the projects "playlist" via the youtube page). And then I started finding all the other music and artists they release. WOW. This label is a machine!

Level Of Maturity is apparently his 11th independent release. And it is all over the web and apps. Including Spinrilla, Datpiff, MyMixtapez and on the personal website www.hfemovement.com It got a few days play, but at this exact moment I'm caught up in one of older releases "Lost Verses 3." Level Of Maturity is definately a project you need to hear....but when your done...go see what else you can find. He might have more albums and videos than your favorite rapper.

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